Tips to Help You Pick an Engagement Ring

Choosing the impeccable engagement ring can be challenging, but here are a few important tips that will assist you in getting the perfect one. This is a one-time thing, and you need to be conversant on how to go about it. Coming up with the best ring can increase your confidence while facing your lover. You don’t need much knowledge on this, but you need to consider the following.

Diamond Type

Every couple has got their taste but diamond engagement rings are the best if you choose the right color and cut. Most diamonds have a bit of yellowish body color, while others are colorless. Some couples may choose near colorless diamonds, while others may be attracted in light yellow. When it comes to cuts, we associate them with the diamond shape. Some may be round, pear, princess, hear-shaped, oval, radiant, and more. Choosing the best cut will also depend on your taste.

The Metal

There are many types of ring metals in the market, including gold. It can be yellow, rose or white, authentic silver, platinum, and others. This is an important factor because some metals scratch easier than others. It will also depend on your lifestyle, as well as, budget for the ring. Before deciding, you’ll also need to be careful since some metals may look quite similar to others. For example, platinum may look similar to silver, but in reality, platinum is more expensive and is also rare to get.

The Size

Finding the right ring size can be stress-free if you are in this together with your partner. It can be so much difficult when it comes to partners’ ring size, especially when the proposal is a surprise, and you don’t want to involve them. But you have to get this right, so the ring won’t fall after wearing it. You can get help from your spouse’s friend or family. You can also use your fingers to estimate the size or just measure it when they are asleep.

Setting Style

The ring styles can be too confusing, but you should pick a mounting that is not too large or thick for the diamond. The most current setting is diamond solitaire, which puts your diamond squarely in the spotlight. If you love uniqueness, there are other several settings like halo rings, pave settings, bezel settings, three stone rings, and others. You can also shop together and choose a style that expresses your love story if the proposal is not a surprise.


After finding the dream ring, make sure it’s certified by an accredited laboratory. The biggest trick nowadays is selling lower-quality jewelry at the cost of the best quality. Don’t get to the trap. You have to be smart on this. Many inflated diamond grades can give you the illusion of the best deal, but in reality, you are being fooled. Before doing this expensive purchase, just make sure the certificate issued matches with the stone purchased.


Picking an engagement ring can be devastating, but you need to be vigilant of the above tips and also the market. When negotiating, do it like a boss, and you won’t be tricked. A good jeweler will always be willing to give you the best quality considering your wallet.