With the year 2018, we also leave some jewelry trends and make room for new ones! Whether eye-catching statement jewelry, filigree, gold, silver or rose gold – in terms of color and size, the trends are just informal and unbiased. Everything is allowed and preferably even combined, because the colors and styles do not necessarily have to be worn separately. Layering rebels against the rule “less is more!”, because rules can now be broken and symmetry happy with!

Arm-Candy – geometric and filigree bracelet

The charms are actually back! After they have disappeared from the scene for many years, we will soon see them swinging more often on wrists. With the individual followers, anyone can become a small jewelry designer and put his personal statements. Apart from that, bracelets with thin links and geometric shapes are in vogue.

Bangles in gold designs are still quite classic on the wrist, but also worn on the upper and lower arm. But we do not have to decide here just for a support, because as I said – Layering is the trend in 2019!

Vintage hype for chains in 2019

Here is quite wild combined and carried on top of each other. Chains of different styles and lengths, filigree pendants between eye-catching jewelry and gold in the midst of silver or vice versa.

Although not new, but still present is the choker. However, you will hardly see it in leather, because gold, silver and rose gold now determine the choker trend.

And also the general vintage hype does not stop here. Coin chains or pendants in medal optics, as we have already seen in 2018, will remain.

Especially with dark gold and antique-looking pendants, like this Rose of Elli, you can do absolutely nothing right now!

Statement rings: a jewelry trend in 2019

Even on the fingers, it does not always have to be subtle and filigree. Featured are big and massive statement rings. Especially rectangular details, for example large crystals or, as with this ring from Skagen Denmark, glass stones are in. This one is the way to remember the sea glass, which can be found on Skagens beaches – a pretty nice association I think.

Filigree hoop earrings as a must-have in 2019

In general, the trend is more towards large and especially very long earrings. Gladly, the jewelry may continue to be worn asymmetrically – such as with the statement earring on one ear and the simpler earring on the other ear.

And here, too, we will discover the coin trend this year. For example, on hoops, but they are now available in a variety of variants – in unusual shapes or with different trailers. These filigree hoops by Skagen Denmark are cleverly pulled through the ear hole and thus appear classic and striking at the same time.

In general, the jewelry this year is characterized by many natural materials, such as pearls, crystals or shells.