5 Hairstyles for Long Hair You Need to wear this Summer

In some parts of the world, Summer is well and truly here. With that comes thoughts on how to style our clothes, makeup, and hair for the hotter months. There’s something fun and cheeky about this season that means a more casual look is on trend. So, the lovely ladies from Doll Beauty thought they would share with you these 5 gorgeous hairstyles for long hair you literally need to wear this summer!

For the short haired ladies, don’t turn away just yet… your short hair doesn’t necessarily prevent you from considering these styles.  Some of the hairstyles could work well with shorter hair, with just a bit of tweaking here and there.  Otherwise, consider human hair extensions to create longer hair… what a great change for Summer, right?!

  1. The Fishtail Braid
    A fishtail braid is a lovely relaxed look for the Summer but has a really dramatic effect. The simplest way to achieve it doesn’t even require you to be great at braiding. Simply:
  • Pull your hair to the side or back and begin to plait it.
  • Secure your hair at the bottom with an elastic hair band.
  • Pull each plait away to make it appear fuller.

Obviously, this is a really simple version.  If you want to have some fun with it, check out some of the amazing tutorials online.  You will find alternative fishtail braids that require a little more practise but look equally, if not more, amazing.

  1. The Halo Braid
    Another new trend to don this Summer is the halo braid. This is something that could work well with shorter hair, depending on the style it is cut into. I’ll be honest, it does require a little patience!  And it is even better if you can get someone put the look together for you.  There is a great step by step guide online which could help you achieve this beautiful look.
  2. French Plaits
    Whether you decide to do a French plait on either side of your head or one long one down towards your back, this is a great summer style, especially if you are planning on doing anything in the summer heat. It allows each strand of hair to be neatly tied away, keeping yourself cool when active.
  3. Sleek Ponytail
    Again if you are after a neater look that will keep you cool, then perhaps consider a sleek ponytail. Sitting quite high on the crown of your head this can be a really sophisticated look. Comb back your hair and collect to the desired point of your hair and secure with an elastic headband.  For an even sleeker look, take a piece of hair from underneath and wrap around the band to cover it up, and secure with a Kirby grip.
  4. The Messy bun
    The messy bun has been a lifesaver for many women in modern society, especially me! It’s the quickest and easiest updo that requires very little effort. How you want your messy bun is totally up to you.  An easy way to achieve it would be to grab your hair at the point of your head and wrap around itself, securing with a headband.  Then go to town and mess it up to the desired effect!

I hope this helps you style your beautiful long hair more easily this Summer.