Trendy martial arts clothes 2021

One of the greatest tools of a successful martial arts artist is to stay motivated. Other than that you must work hard and have fun, set up your goals, attend your martial arts classes regularly so these are a few tips I have described which could keep you motivated. Other than that it is essential to have a proper uniform so that you can safely perform your activities during martial arts classes. The uniform is made in a way that it can be used roughly on mats and can get dirty as well, so you don’t need to worry about it while practicing martial arts skills.

Another reason for wearing the uniform is that it can describe the discipline, and shows respect. Uniform also shows respect to the instructor as well, it also shows that you are well determined and ready to practice various martial arts skills.

If you are planning to join the martial arts classes and are in search of a durable and affordable gym outfit, I would give you an honest piece of advice to shop it from elite sports. As elite sports Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gis are available at the best quality at the cheapest price.

When you start jiu-jitsu the first thing that comes up in your mind is BJJ Gi. The Gi is actually a 2-piece garment that comes in various colors that are blue, black, and white mainly. Gi also contains a belt that actually shows the rank of an athlete. The idea of making BJJ Gi originates from the judo uniform. Mostly the students purchase the Gi from their gym because of the accurate sizing and styling. Nowadays people are trending towards “customization” also, in which they can print cool logos on uniforms. So, if you want to print your gym logo or want to have some other cool patches on your uniform you must go for customization.

Customized BJJ Gi

The word customization means “the action of modifying something to suit the specific individual or task.”

The custom BJJ Gi manufacturer offers the design of your own choice with various colors or uploads your own artwork to be embroidered, sublimated, or screen printed on the front, back, shoulders, or lapel of the GI. You can also customize your BJJ rash guards, shorts, and boxing gloves too.

So, if you want to make your own cool designs on a uniform you can customize it from elite sports. Elite sports offer the best quality customized gear, with quality that lasts longer and at a price that is much affordable.

Trendy rash guards

The rash guards come under your gi, and the purpose of the rash guard is that protects your skin from burns, infections, and several rashes. One of the main advantages of the rash guard is that it keeps your body warm and it also keeps your muscles stay supple during grappling. The rash guards are manufactured with sweat-wicking material which prevents the sweat from seeping into your gi.

BJJ fighters used to wear cotton T-shirts underneath their Gi before modern rash guards arrived in the market. Most people ask a question sometimes that is it necessary to wear the rash guard under Gi on no-gi during training sessions? So my answer is yes! Because rash guards also prevent you from infections and keep you safe and clean, boost up your confidence level, along with that it also increases your performance during training and fighting sessions.

You can also customize your rash guard to make it look cooler, I can give you examples that how you can do’s really simple! You can go for the sublimation, I mean the sublimated graphics which do not get faded or get peeled off, and you can choose a white and black color scheme or any other color scheme of your own choice.

Before choosing the rash guard also check the quality of the fabric, and check the stitching that it has a flatlock stitch. Now the question arises what is a flatlock stitch? It’s a special type of stitch that brings amazing fitting and it also prevents skin chaffing. Other than that, also make sure that the material which you used is durable and lightweight, so that you may remain comfortable, and look classy.

Designs and types of rash guards

We can find an immense variety of rash guards in the market and online also. Commonly used rash guards are designs are short sleeves, sleeve cut, and long sleeves.

I would personally recommend you, buying long sleeves rash guards because they can provide you more safety and also prevent you from various skin infections.

To look more stylish and cuter you can wear your favorite rash guard with plain shorts. Imagine yourself entering the gym, wearing a cool rash guard with plain black shorts coordinated with a baseball cap, I would say that can be an eye-catching and easy-to-go style.

BJJ shorts

For those fighters who simply feel suffocated in Gi, they have a piece of good news that they can still practice in NoGi. But if you are a student of old school Gracia academy, it’s obvious that you may find yourself in the pair of Gi pants, along with the rash guard. Besides that, there are many other NoGi grapplers who feel comfortable wearing pair of grappling shorts or spats.

Grappling shorts are designed in a way that they don’t have pockets, the design is just to prevent your opponent or your fingers from getting injured. The material used for the manufacturing of NoGi shorts is a little bit stretchy. Most of the fighters wear rash guards with shorts along with spat pants to look more fashionable and trendy. Spat pants are actually the legging that you can wear underneath your grappling shorts. The basic purpose of wearing spats is that they give full leg protection against mat burn and skin infection.

Whatever and however you style, just keep in mind that your BJJ clothes should be much comfortable, durable, and sweat-wicking. Because your performance also depends a lot on your outfits. So just work hard and keep training in your favorite martial arts outfits. Good luck!