Sequins: not just for the festive season

Fabulous, glittery sequins used to belong to drag queens and Shirley Bassey, but they have become a lot more versatile. Once, they were trotted out each December for those end-of-year cocktail parties, but now there are a lot more opportunities to allow sequins to reflect some light.

Let them out in the daytime

Top-to-toe sequins might be a bit much for a brunch, but there is no reason that a sequin skirt worn with a t-shirt and a denim jacket can’t take you to any number of different day functions. A sequinned slip dress is a very versatile garment that can be combined with many types of jackets to create a variety of compelling looks.

You can even get bicycle shorts with sequins on them now, so they really can be worn just about anywhere. There is no reason that wedding guest dresses can’t feature some tasteful sequins to add a bit of pizzazz as well. Sequins could also feature in your accessories, such as a bag, belt or even shoes. For more tips on how you can wear sequins in the daytime, see this article in The Guardian.

Total glamour

Designers are becoming more creative with using sequins, featuring them on statement sleeves and even on necklines. A sequinned camisole top is another wardrobe staple that can be combined with elegant trousers or skirts for a high-impact look that has a touch of drama without saying 1956 variety performer.

For utter sequin heaven, there is nothing like the stylish sequin dress, encompassing glittery sleekness from neck to feet. Luckily, there are lots of modern designs that incorporate sequins into contemporary shapes with great colours. Wedding guest dresses can pose a challenge as the aim is to look smart and elegant without overwhelming the bride. However, if you search for wedding guest dresses at AX Paris, you are likely to find a frock that is both exciting and suitable.

Dressing codes are a lot less strict than they used to be, so sequins can be worn to all sorts of occasions, both day and night. The important thing is to choose sequinned garments that can be combined with other pieces to give you a number of versatile looks that can take you anywhere you want to go.