How to choose your stylish motorbike riding attire?

If you are a beginner who is getting into bike riding or very considerate about his riding attire and style, you’ve come to the right place. No matter if you are looking to improve the riding wardrobe or would love to make off-season upgrades.

Here is so much you can learn from this article. Choosing the right riding gear might appear like an enormous obstacle, but we will break it down for you. Right motorbike attire keeps you comfortable, safety gear, and perfectly equipped to tackle different situations that can occur on your way. Keep in mind that safe attire is the most stylish attire when it comes to motorcycle riding, but of course, you can make your gears. Biker fashion owns a fair share of vibrant & ornate history that’s been present for centuries. Right motorcycle gear aids in protecting you from rain, sun, wind, noise, & debris. It’s more than the looks and crash protection. Prioritizing an outfit that makes you uncomfortable, ill-fitting, fails automatically at its core purpose no matter how good it makes you look. For knowing more about bike riding etiquettes and gears click here.

1)  The Leather Jacket

Motorbike leather jacket is an essential clothing item when it narrows to rider’s fashion. It’s a timeless garment that should fit you snugly surrounding your torso & arms. Must be in good condition. It’s a wise choice to invest more in quality bike riding gear. While looking for the rider’s fashionable leather jacket, choose one with animal or slightly textured leather. You must take care of the jacket & keep it in its top pristine condition for making sure its life adds up. Both men and women find it difficult when it comes to picking what they want regarding biker fashion. A Lot of choices are available in the market with different styles, colors, prices, and materials.

From leather jackets to synthetics, it offers excellent protection, function & style. It’s your choice what you want to wear. Leather will look great with the rugged cruiser or the flashy sports model. Whichever jacket you choose, make sure it fits you comfortably and doesn’t get too big or bulky. It should offer the complete functionality you need.

2)  Helmet

When it comes to motorbike riding helmets top the list of discussions. It’s the most essential gear you are required to have while riding on a motorbike. Helmets are of three basic types when it comes to appearance: full face, ¾ helmet, & a ½ helmet.

  • Full Helmet– It covers your skull and facial region. The full helmet offers most coverage surrounding your head & face while providing additional protection at your head region. Eye protection is a visor that you can rotate up in the ways you need. Visors in the market are available in a variety of textures and finishes, which include light tint, color variation, and dark tint.
  • ¾ Helmet– This type of helmet resembles a full-face helmet, but offers lesser facial coverage. It covers the side, back, and top of your head only. Visors for the ¾ helmet are mostly flip-down types. Hearing & ventilation in these types of helmets is similar to the full-face helmet. It allows you to breathe well while you wear it. No matter which helmet type you chose, try to match its color with your motorbike’s body.
  • ½ Helmet– ½ helmet is not what most of you call a “brain bucket.” It covers your head top by partially covering the side & back. It offers protection without covering your face. Riders might have to pick additional safety goggles.

3)  Motorbike Pants

Motorbike pants are the most overlooked gear, as most of the riders assume that any pair of jeans is acceptable for riding a motorbike. But the actual riding pants offer optimum environmental protection, ventilation & act as armor in the places they get in contact with. Visibility is the major design feature; it can be done by using a bright color patch design or the reflective covering. Both of the options are in trend and look stylish.

Same as motorbike jackets, riding pants also come in various types of materials & styles, they are complementary in that aspect. Textile, denim, leather & Kevlar are used in the manufacturing of pants, they are used singly or in different combinations depending on the riding style they are getting used for.

Textile pants are mostly designed like the second covering over the shorts or your regular pants. They can also serve as an addition to the jacket for making a complete riding suit. Removable linings on the pants are also in trend and can be used for adding warmness and coolness depending upon the surroundings. Beyond that, there are so many individualistic styles available in denim & leather. Denim on motorbike riding pants is mostly interwoven with some other fabric for increasing the abrasive resistance. Leather is mostly available in the sporty style with abrasive knee padding. For thrill riders who love to ride to the edge, these pants can be the best option. It offers maximized protection to your knee, hips, and butt region.

4)  Motorcycle Boots

Motorbike jacket and pants might not be necessarily required on every trip, but you have to wear the right set of motorbike boots all the time whenever you are riding. Motorbike riding boots are specifically designed for motorcycle riding. You might need them for walking around too. They play a major role in setting bike fashion and trends. Your bike boots are supposed to go halfway up to your calves & match the rest of the outfit. Make your riding boots are manufactured from premium quality materials. These boots are designed by keeping ride features & safety in the mind. They are available in plenty of styles in the market.

Motorbike boot laces are usually placed on the inside for preventing tangling. As exterior laces have a higher tendency of getting caught up with other things. This safety is also used as a style statement. Motorbike riding boots that have exterior laces must come with the ability to tuck laces inside the boot. These boots are mostly manufactured from high-quality leather that provides better abrasion resistance. However, leather material isn’t breathable; mostly they have waterproof and ventilation mechanisms. One thing that you must make sure of regardless of the style you choose is comfort.

5)  Rider Fashion Coat and scarf

Riding coats also make up for bike riding fashion. Ideally, it should match with the rest of the outfits you are wearing. Like jacket riders, coats should also be made up of premium quality leather infused with other materials. Make sure it makes you feel warm & comfortable.

The bike scarf also holds an optimum position in determining biker fashion. The most popular options are ‘old school’ scarves placed over the rider’s shoulder & tied in the knot. You can also tie- it around your neck like a bandanna which helps in covering the mouth in warm and cold weather conditions.

6)  Motorcycle Gloves and rings

When it comes to accessories, make sure you invest in quality ones. Ideally, bike riding gloves should have an open back, it will make them easier to get on and off. You can wear it with chaps or with the open-back, they are designed in a way so they can be worn with the motorbike riding gear. You also wear rings & necklaces, they add up to the style while you are riding on the bike. Motorbike fashion jewelry includes the American flag, skull & different popular symbols. They are made up of different materials you can also get from manufacturers of your choice.