Components Affecting The High quality of Warmth Switch

The components that have an effect on the standard of warmth switch are as follows: first, the standard of rhinestones and rhinestuds ; second, the standard of warmth switch paper; third, the tactic of creating mould; fourth, the method of processing; fifth, packing technique; sixth, transportation technique; seventh, ironing technique; and eighth, checking and acceptance. First:Influencing components of warmth transfer—–Identification of high quality of rhinestones and rhinestuds The standard of rhinestones and rhinestuds is principally recognized from 4 features: One is brightness. Superior in high quality, good in brightness; inferior in high quality. Second, colour distinction: glorious high quality, pure colour, small colour distinction; inferior, colour just isn’t appropriate, colour distinction is massive. Third, specs: superior high quality, skinny, uniform diameter; inferior, uneven thickness, diameter has a big and small. Fourth, is base glue: superior high quality, skinny and spherical, constant colour; inferior, thick and irregular base glue, deep and light-weight colour. Second:Influencing components of warmth transfer—–heat switch paper There are solely white warmth switch paper and yellow warmth switch paper available on the market, every has its personal benefits. White warmth switch paper is split into coarse, medium, positive grain. Usually talking, white warmth switch paper due to the underside traces, in order that the drill just isn’t straightforward to maneuver; yellow warmth switch paper, glue viscosity, however the base paper is extra slippery, appropriate for ironing. Subsequently, in keeping with the recent sheet of the drill to decide on ironing paper。 Third:Influencing components of warmth transfer—–moulding Moulding is the important thing step of warmth switch. There are two strategies for moulding, one is the mechanical drilling machine, the drawback is that the mould can solely be made on the round drill piece, the graphic accuracy ought to be based mostly on the expertise of the mould maker, however it’s seldom used at current. Second, laser molding, could be made by drawing arbitrary graphics, not a bit unhealthy, quite simple and handy. Fourth:Influencing components of warmth transfer—–process Processing is split into tough and positive processing, by hand to finish. Tough processing is predicated on the final processing of incoming samples, inspection just isn’t meticulous; and ending is to concentrate to the standard of processing, meticulous inspection and acceptance, the substitute of chromatic, broken, lack of glue, displacement of the drill, in order that graphics and impact of the identical. Fifth:Influencing components of warmth transfer—–pack The outer packaging consists of vacuum plastic paper packaging and carton packing, and the inside packing is normally packed in newspapers, the variety of sheets ought to be applicable, and the packages for long-distance transportation ought to be clamped up in exhausting paper or packed in cardboard at 4 corners round, in order to not trigger a warmth switch strikes in place. Sixth:Influencing components of warmth transfer—-transport warmth switch transportation ought to be particular safety, gentle maintain gentle, don’t press don’t hit, long-distance transportation ought to be protected, cautious care, to make sure that the graphics don’t transfer。 Seventh:Influencing components of warmth transfer—-ironing strategies Quite a lot of ironing strategies, equivalent to steam ironing, ironing machine, laser ironing, electrical ironing, and so on. The warmth switch is principally a mix of temperature, time and strain. The melting level of the recent sheet is 150 ~ 160 ℃, due to this fact, the temperature should attain 150 ~ 160 ℃ earlier than it may be ironed effectively, and the time is usually between 10 seconds and 15 seconds, which ought to be decided in keeping with the particular circumstances. The strain ought to be reasonable, relying on the material. Eighth:Influencing components of warmth transfer—-Inspection and acceptance Test earlier than ironing, verify after ironing. The warmth switch fabricated from all materials are roughly chromatic, broken, gum poor, dislocated, and even lack of fabric, so that they have to be checked earlier than ironing on the fabric. After ironing, verify and settle for: first, if there are numerous supplies that haven’t been ironed effectively, instantly elevate the temperature, lengthen the ironing, improve the strain as soon as once more; second, after ironing, use applicable power together with your fingers to scrape the warmth switch. If not scraped, the fabric is finished; whether it is scraped, it ought to be reworked.