5 Key Factors to Remember while Flaunting Gold Sequin Dress for a Friend’s Wedding

Sequin dresses showcase power and glitz. Generally, brides tend to go with aqua, lavender, or pale pink colors. However, your friend is bold enough to choose gold sequin dress for her bridesmaids and make a bold statement at her D-Day. Now if you fail to carry out the ornate material, you can cheapen the look instead of flaunting high-fashion style.

Now if your sister or bestie wishes to maintain an eye-catching theme, you need to complement your look with the right choice of accessories. You can go wrong with a simple embellished sequin dress by choosing the sparkly cuffs or neckpieces. The whole point of choosing the sequined outfit is to draw attention to your dress. Also, the embellishments can add dimension to fabric to make you instantly fabulous.

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As you would not want people divert from your dress, you need to select the shoes or earrings carefully. But, the task may be crucial if you have never worn a sequin dress before. If you and your fellow bridesmaids are stuck with gold sequin bridesmaid dresses, you should keep these following points before getting all dolled up.

Focus on Your Curves

If you take a closer look on your lace sequin dress, you will notice shiny disks attached to the fabric. They can add texture but the embroidery works can volumize your curves. If you have full hips, it is vital to maintain the balance of shimmering factor in your outfit. Also, a sequin skirt can create a symmetrical look and highlight your curves.

Don’t Go Gaga over Glitzy Accessories

It is too risky to flaunt sequin dresses. If one element goes wrong, you can turn out to be a showgirl. And, if everything aligns perfectly, you can look chic and elegant. For getting rid of the trashy factor, simply focus on the accessories that can accentuate sophistication. Pearl neckpiece and earrings can be good option with a floor-length dress featuring scoop- or V-neck.

Considering Skin Tone

If your friend has expressed her wish of choosing sequin dresses for her bridesmaids, guide her to choose the outfit according to people’s skin tone. A golden sequin dress does not quite look good on someone with golden skin tone. The hue of your attire must complement together but it is not necessary to create a contrast. If you cannot find out a dress as per your skin tone, keep it neutral.

Neutral Makeup Shade Works Well

The makeup palette should remain neutral or minimal because the bold colors never go right with the sequin dresses. For the lip color, nude or pale pink is fine and for the eye shadow, plain brown, tan, or gray works too good. Of course, you can add little shine to your lips but the shimmer must lighten up your face. As the glowing skin is a necessity, use bronzer on your forehead and cheekbones.

Choose Footwear Carefully

The solid and simple shades of flats look quite good with sequin dresses. Even if you already have a pair of heels with shiny and metallic parts, forget about it. The intricate design does not create a good contrast with the sequins. So, keep the elegance on point by not choosing anything flashy.

In case, your friend gives you the sweet freedom of choosing your very own bridesmaid dress, check out the awesome collection of lace prom dresses for getting mesmerize you.

Author Bio: Angie Jordan, a fashion blogger with numerous articles on how to accessorize with lace prom dresses, here mentions 5 tips to look to more beautiful and unique than other bridesmaids at your childhood friend’s wedding.