Get Your Lost Beauty by Dry Tattooing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are ugly. They not only make your beautiful body look less attractive but also reduce your self-confidence during your private moments. The good news is that you can now recover your lost attractiveness by dry tattooing stretch marks. It’s a modern and non-invasive technique that works directly on your damaged skin, smoothing scars, and stretch marks, giving it an appealing look.

Dry tattooing or medical tattoo can be used on any color of skin though dark skins that are prone to excessive pigmentation or keloid scars cannot benefit from this technique. The medical tattoo does not involve using heat or removing the skin and has no major risks or side effects. However, it may work differently depending on different types of skins and body weights.

Wide and medium stretch marks tend to be more complex to treat according to your expectations. If your skin is being tighter along with firmer-looking marks, it is normally considered as an outcome of the treatment with no further improvement. However, this also varies from individuals to individuals.

If your skin lacks elasticity like on your tummy, dry tattooing will firm the stretch marks but it will have nothing to do with the rest of your skin. It means your skin will still look lose while the stretch marks will not blur away completely. The treatment on the skin with good elasticity, on the other hand, is more likely to give desired results after two to three treatment sessions.

If you have matt stretch marks on normal-skin color, it may become harder to see any difference before and after dry tattoo unless the stretch marks blur into normal skin. With wide and medium stretch marks, on the other, it is difficult to identify how much tattooing will work to improve their appearance.